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Yes, it's another ugly text-only page! I'll fancy it up someday....maybe. :)

Dec. 27, 2005 UPDATE: After a long silence, I'm finally making some more. The new ones will all be mp3's. The list for the newer ones are towards the bottom of the page - they aren't categorized this time. Cheers.
I love the voices in this game...Anyone (PC version) can splice the sound files together, but hey, XBoxer's can't, and some people don't want to do it themselves, so I'm sharing. :D Since dialogues in the game are often dictated by the player-character's responses, I pick the 'route' that I personally enjoy - or just from memory - so you might find some differences from what you remember while playing. Sound files tend to be big for their running length. Dial-up beware.

These are all .wav extensions, but you can rename them to .MP3 if you wish. Most recently added ones will be on 'top' of the individual lists. All English, since, well, I have the English version. All Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. etc..

Atton Rand
  • These are 3 'going to the darkside' bits between Atton & Kreia. 2 of these are based on learning his secret then losing influence w/Atton before triggering the Kreia cutscene. Number 1 & 3 are detailed on the cutdialog page but I included the one where they talk of Disciple being a 'spy' (which plays after the cutscene where Atton confronts Di about sending a msg) too.
    For those who can't bear to not have high influence w/Atton, they might like these.
    Part One (84kb)
    Part Two (250kb)
    Part Three (120kb)
  • These 2 are the 'Atton/Disciple' cutscenes that occur if your influence is higher w/Di than Atton.
    Part One (390kb)
    Part two (446kb)
  • Mira insulting Atton. (283kb) -- Atton saying he doesn't trust Disciple, which leads Mira to insulting Atton about being boring & scratching his 'equipment'. Another one I'm not sure if it's in-game or not?
Not familiar enough with this guy, so all his files, unused or not, will go here.
  • This is the introduction conversation w/Bao-Dur by the Telos shuttle crash site. It's a very long segment, so I'm going to break it up into two parts as well as have a full version. Partly because I probably won't finish the 2nd half till later tonight. :P Thanks to Cyandia for helping to figure out what order all the non-sequential files went into. What a pain!
    Telos Crash Convo Part One. (670kb). -- Starts with Bao's greeting and ends with Kreia saying "Yes our current situation is a vast improvement..."
    Telos Crash Convo Part Two. (880kb) -- Starts w/Atton saying "Beats me, no one's supposed to be here..." and ends with Bao-Dur's "That's the plan."
    Telos Crash Convo Parts 1 & 2 combined (1.56MB) -- That was way too many files to put together.... :P
Not familiar enough w/these guys to know if lines are 'in-game' or not, so they'll all go here. Top
Cut bits -- Not in the final game far as I know:
Not categorized. Recent on top.
Music (don't blame me for the low recording quality of the in-game music....)
I'm not putting together all the music files to make long complete compositions, as I'd have no clue what file 'connects' to what file. Most of these are 30 to 60 seconds long.
  • I lied. I decided to put all the 'long' battle music files into one huge file, in the order that they appear in the folder. There's about one second inbetween each piece. Yes some of them sound like they abruptly cutoff, that's because they're supposed to be looping files. The whole file runs about 15.5 minutes. This is the original lower quality music.
    Battle Music (Long) (6.3MB)
  • Newer Various Mixed Files (mp3 format)
    THERE BE SPOILERS HERE. Most of the time these will be light-side conversation paths.
  • Atris greets/confronts the Exile (4.8MB) - Lightside convo w/Atris where she pulls out 'your' lightsaber. The entire thing, including Handmaidens brief questions at the end. Runs about 5 minutes.
  • Kreia/Atton in Atris' Academy (3.9MB) - The cutscene when you enter the Academy and Kreia gets Atton's 'secret' out of him and blackmails him to help the Exile. Runs about 4 minutes.
  • Atton/Echani Training (1.5MB) - Convo after you rescue Atton/Kreia in Atris' Academy. Darkside version of trying to get Atton to reveal his Echani training history.
  • Visas on her homeworld (1.2MB) - "To see everything around you extinguished, it was as if I was blinded, as if the Force had been bled from the world..." What a sad, breathy voice...
  • Disciple after the Enclave (1.3MB) - Where he tries to comfort the Exile
  • Kriea/Atris (1.3MB) - Kriea's chat with Atris before the Exile arrives. About 1.5 minutes.
  • Kriea/T3/Atton (755kb) - When you first board the Ebon Hawk. T3 interrupts Kreia, Atton insults the droid & Kriea, Kreia walks away.
  • Atton/T3 (330kb) - "Tweetdeetdeet" "Huh? What is that piece of junk saying?"
  • Kriea/Sion (700kb) - Starts with "I sense you my Master, faint, weak." etc. Just sounds better than the first version.
  • Atton (335kb) - "Damnit hold on it's only a little farther, don't give up on me now."
  • Atton/Kriea bickering (420kb) - "You two are the worst Jedi I've ever met."
  • Atton meets Kriea (490kb) - "What did you guys suddenly start breeding when I wasn't looking?"
  • HK50 recites what happened to the maintence officer. (900kb) - Contains the "ohnomyleg" bit from above, but this is the whole convo bit and sounds better. :P
  • So, how long you been a Jedi? (970KB) - Atton making small talk. About 1 minute.
  • Freeing Atton (4.5MB) - The entire conversation from "Niice outfit" all the way to "The console's all yours." Runs about 4 minutes 45 seconds.

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