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This site is graphic intensive. If you're on a dial-up modem, loading times can and probably will be rather slow for many pictures. Use the thumbnails to help you decide if you'd like to spend the time viewing an image.
The rules etc. and this page are subject to re-writes as warranted.

Rules & current site set-up:
  • Uploaded pictures must be relevant and related to the Star Wars: Knights of the Republic games or to the named category, or they will be deleted without warning.

  • This gallery is PG-13. While photo-shopped images of naked game characters can be amusing, this is not the place for them. Such images will be deleted without warning.

  • Uploaded files cannot be larger than 300KB per image and must be in .jpg format. There is currently no limit to the total size of your uploads.
    If you have a larger very high-resolution etc. version of your picture that you'd like to make available to others, you must upload the larger version to another server first. Then you can link to the larger image within the description text, using BBCode, when you upload the smaller version to this site.

  • The drop-down upload list is a confusing mess with the default software install, and it's easy to upload to the wrong album so be careful. :)

  • Registered users currently cannot delete or move their own images or edit their description text, once a public-album upload is completed. This is a limitation of the current version of Coppermine. Along with being technically lazy, I'm no scripting expert, so one might have to wait till the next update of Coppermine, heh. If you accidentally upload to the wrong album/category, either post a comment under your picture stating that you wish it moved (please be specific! 'Ooops!' doesn't help me), or e-mail the Administration with the request.

  • Please don't put huge, major game/plot spoilers in the description or title of your uploads. That said, be aware that there may be spoilers on this site, both visual and verbal. If you absolutely positively do not want to be spoiled in anything, come back after you've finished the game. :)
How to take screenshots:

For the PC versions only: The simplest way is to just use the Print Screen key on the keyboard. This creates a large .tga file under the (default install) directory Program Files/Lucas Arts/SWKotor2/ Some people may have to enable screenshots (set it to '1') in the swkotor2.ini file, located in the default game install directory.
In order to convert/save/compress the file into a .jpg (and alter it's brightness - screenshots come out pretty dark) you'll need an image editor program. If you don't have one, many trial/shareware versions can be found at such sites such as

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